Gunny Tool requires PC at least 1GB RAM and Flash player running in the Medium or High

Installation Steps

  • Installing Java HERE
  • Download the software HERE
  • Unzip
  • Click on the file to run the software start.bat DDTankTool. If you're running 64-bit platform, please run start_64.bat. Make sure Java is installed and the system time is right before open tool.

Video Clip guidance

You can refer VideoClip later or contact Supporter Team (left panel) for help with installation

(Thank Nobita has provided a video tutorial)


  • When installed java, you click on the "Free Java Download", turn the steps to download the installation file, then run that file on your computer
  • When downloading the software, down to a compressed file, your computer if you do not have unzip program, you need to download 7-zip HERE
  • When running the program (using the start.bat file) without seeing the login window appears (black screen pops up and then off always) means that Java is not installed. Should check whether the steps to install Java
  • When the login screen pops up, but the box can not record Account / Password. At the same time the black screen appear more letters. You should check the system clock may have been too wrong with the current (difference a few months, years). Can adjust the hour and restart the software

When using Tool

  • The screen should switch back to 32bit mode display
  • DDTank screen should be sufficient for tool to read and analysis. Close any plugin like IDM or Flashget, which is covered the small map of DDTank.
  • If you use Win 7 or Vista, it should be moved to display the Basic mode to avoid lag and drag forces are exactly


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